pet peeves.

Open pipette tip boxes.
When the revolving door to the dark room is left part way open.
Deliberately misspelled words (like thanx or kewl).
When my name is misspelled (the ‘h’ is important).
Part-way opened (or closed, I suppose) drawers.
When my last name is mispronounced (it’s not hard – two syllables, Am-End)
When assumptions and impressions cloud sound reasoning.
An empty glove box (why doesn’t the person to take the last glove just replace it?).
Tubing that isn’t the correct size for the biosafety cabinet vacuum.
Running out of bleach.
Not being able to find the scissors.
Rolly chairs that don’t actually roll.
Having frost on the inside of my windshield.
Having to use the last aliquot of Taq.


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