a good reason that Maine winters are long

Fibers of yarn…

I finished my hat last night and wore it to church this morning. So far I’ve only found one mistake, but I’ve decided that I subconsciously put it there on purpose (for the evil spirits to come out, a custom I learned about in the fifth grade when I was learning about Australian aborigines).

I can’t believe that I didn’t discover cables before now – they’re so easy. The hat is a wee bit too long, but it cuffs up pretty nicely, so it works. A big plus is that it covers my ears, a must when it’s cold out, especially since I don’t like ear muffs.

I was worried about running out of yarn, but I must have had more than I realized because I have quite a bit leftover. Maybe I’ll make something else, we’ll see.

and fibers of life…

I’ve (finally) decided on a grad school! Mum and I had a long talk today trying to talk things out. I’ve chosen Washington University in St. Louis – I think it has much more of the atmosphere I’m looking for and a greater variety of research. I’m a little bit overwhelmed with it all at the moment, but I’m excited, too. It’s really happening!


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