Closing in on year 1.

It’s hard to believe that my first year at WashU is just about over.
And that my prelim is in 9 days. I’m trying very hard not to freak out, but my lack of sleep and lack of appetite seem to be thwarting my efforts. I go through waves of knowing that I know everything I really need to know and then dive into a deep well of not knowing what I’m doing here or how I’ll ever ‘get’ everything in time.

This year in a list:

What I’ve accomplished:
– Molecular Cell Biology –> pass!
– Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis –> pass!
– Genomics –> pass!
– Advanced Genetics –> still waiting…
– Journal Club –> pass! (and I had to read and speak German and French in the process)
– submitted an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship (though I didn’t get it)
– wrote and submitted a 20 page postdoc grant proposal for a class (no comments back yet)
– two rotation talks in front of my peers and my department head
– accepted into the Lucille Markey Pathway for Human Pathobiology
– completed four rotations
– lost 15 pounds
– started (and had very moderate success with) an indoor garden
– have the Advanced Genetics TAship for the spring
– co-authored two papers under revision

other stuff done:
– brought Patty-cat home with me
– saw some of the sights in St. Louis
– learned perl
– spun up most of the fiber left from the Maine Fiber frolic
– knit a WHOLE hat
– started in on some ‘seminar mittens’
– met with potential PIs to sort out what thesis lab to join
– made some good friends along the way

stuff left to do:
– pass the MGG Prelim in 9 days! (yeek!!!)
– go to NC for a few days and Maine for a week
– pick a thesis lab

next up:
– re-instituting Too Cute Tuesday St. Louis (see
– getting back to spinning (and tackle my fleece)
– seeing more of the sights in St. Louis
– get back hiking and outdoorsing more
– pass the second half of the MGG Qualifying exam in September


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