Finished a project?

Those of you who have known me for awhile, may be familiar with a certain hank of multi-colored slub yarn that I brought home from my summer trip to Prince Edward Island in 2005.


Prince Edward Island

Well, I (finally) knit the scarf.  In these five years, I’ve knit and frogged the same five or six inches a good seven times.  But now, thanks to the course I’m taking, Pathobiology of human disease, the scarf is finished, and in time for winter, too!


Completed PEI scarf.

The pattern was great and makes nice texture, especially with the colors and the slub – co an odd number of stitches, k 1, [yo, k2tog] to end of row. Rep until nearly all the yarn is gone and loosely cast off.  (Be sure to LOOSELY cast off — it’s very easy to get it too tight.)

I’m really looking forward to wearing it this winter!  It’s a bit wider than some scarves, but it’ll get a smidgen thinner thanks to gravity.  And I really like the bits of purple that come through.



And, just because she is so sweet, a picture of Patty approving the new scarf (mostly I think she’s impressed that I actually finished something).


Patty is impressed that I finished a project!


One Comment to “Finished a project?”

  1. Beautiful, love the colors. Love you and Patty too!

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