Apple Picking

Autumn is here (even though the weather doesn’t quite think so), and so time was ripe for apple picking.

I went out to Eckert’s in Belleville with my posdoc, her husband, and little girl.  I had a fantastic time and can’t wait to made delicious things with my Fuji apples!

It turns out you shouldn’t trust MapQuest or Google maps directions to get to the orchard — I spent about an hour lost in East St. Louis…not the most savory of places to be lost.  But Michelle came to the rescue and got me there in once piece, and only a half hour late!  Not altogether surprising, though, that I would get lost, really.

There were apples galore, they were so pretty!  The air was filled with an apple cider-y smell from all the fallen apples and the whole orchard seemed so tidy.

"Those are nice looking!"

After we all enjoyed an apple (even Morgan!), picked about 5 lbs apples apiece, we headed on to the pumpkin patch.  I kept thinking of Cinderella’s fairy godmother and Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin (who also visits the Amend household).

The pumpkin patch.

I had a fantastic time, can’t wait to eat my delicious apples, can’t wait to hang out with Michelle, Ryan, and Morgan again, and can’t wait for next year’s apple-picking!


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