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January 15, 2011

Out with the old, in with the new.

I have been a bad blogger.  In my defense, I think a lot about blogging, but things always get in the way.  And so, in an effort to become a better blogger, it’s time for a list.

I love lists.  I love planners.  I love post-its with lists in planners.  So let’s start with a list of what has happened in 2010.

Grad school:

– I passed Advanced Genetics

– I passed Genomics (and learned perl programing)

– I passed both my written

– and my oral prelim

– I chose a thesis lab

– I co-authored a review

– I applied for the NSF GRFP (crossing fingers)

– I took the Advanced Genetics TAship for spring 2011

Places traveled and people seen:

January: South Carolina to celebrate my oldest brother’s marriage

Emily in St. Louis!

April: My dearest friend, Emily, came to a conference in St. Louis

Good friends in Chicago

May: Chicago with Camilla, Anne, and Jillian, and I said “until 2012” to Camilla who moved back to Australia

Bar Harbor

June: Raleigh to celebrate the marriage of two friends, Sarah and Brian, and then on to a week in Maine to catch up and talk with mentors about lab decisions

The Old Courthouse

September: Mum and Dad came to visit St. Louis for a few days

October: I missed the pig pickin’, but went to NC to surprise my scottish cousins visiting the US

The Art Institute lions

November: Chicago with mum, and then spent Thanksgiving with cousins in Capitola, California

December: home to New Bern for Christmas

In other news:

– I started practicing Iyengar yoga in February

– I found a hiking buddy

– I found out I had a very hurt back and hip

– and I was discharged from physical therapy

– I stopped riding for 6 months

– and started back up, and my equitation is better than ever.

– Met some really amazing people – Camilla, Ashley, Sahar, Jane, Michelle, Kathy, and others.

– Went on my very first float trip

– found places to go hiking

Apple picking

– and went apple picking.

In fiber news:

– I actually started spinning my fleece

– completed several projects (and those of you who know my knitting habits should be proud), including two Christmas gifts

– joined ravelry

– learned lace knitting

– learned continental knitting

– learned how to read a knitting pattern

– learned magic loop

– started a sweater

Needle felting - a dangerous new hobby.

– picked up needle felting

– and dyed my own self-striping yarn

And so what’s going to happen in 2012?

– I am going to be a better blogger.  Or at least try.

– Stay on top of my written correspondence – do you want a letter from me?  Send me your address.  🙂

– Complete the experiments necessary to publish on my work (and they’re going to work.  really.)

– Work on gratitude – to the people who help me out every day without even knowing it.

– Be more systematic about becoming a better spinner.  I already know I love it, now it’s time to get good at it.

What happened in your life last year?  Do you have any new year’s resolutions?