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July 26, 2010

Outdoorsiness: Castlewood State Park

View from the rim

A few weekends ago, I rebelled from city-life and joined a friend, Sahar (Sarah and Sahar — confusing, huh?) on a lovely jaunt up to Castlewood State Park.

It’s only about an hour and some change easy drive up the road in Baldwin and has some lovely trails.  We took a few mile loop on (mostly) the River Scene Trail.  Now, the name is a bit of a misnomer since there wasn’t a whole lot of a river scene except when you climb up the flight of stairs (or scramble up the rock) of the wee mountain.  It’s a lovely walk, though, with lots of shade.

Castlewood offers a lot more than I thought it would — there are picnic areas, playing fields, hiking trails, biking trails, bridle paths, and, from time to time, swimming (though it was closed when we were there for not-good levels of not-good bacteria according to a sign we found).  Despite all this wonderfulness, the trails were almost too well groomed for my taste, but they were really good for my recovering injury-ness — lots of good spots to step off trail to let others pass and not Bust The Crust.

Next hike? Taum Sauk!